Minister of Music and Worship


Reports to: Senior Pastor


General Purpose of Position:

The Minister of Music is responsible to the Senior Pastor for the music ministry of the entire church.


The Primary Task:

There shall be a comprehensive approach to the development and implementation of the music ministry at all levels in the connectional system of NHMBC and in all ministry areas. This comprehensive approach is based on the understanding of the primary task of music ministry to:

            -Usher in the presence of God through worship

            -encourage members in developing their relationship to God

            -provide a high-quality worship experience.

            -Utilize multiple creative resources to enhance the quality of the worship experience for every individual.



Direct the planning, organizing, conducting and evaluating of a comprehensive music program in

preparing groups, soloists and choirs for internal and external ministry.

• Work with the ministerial staff on special music needs in the total church program.

• Supervise the work of the music ministry staff.

• Work with the Senior Pastor to enlist and train leaders for the music ministry.

• Work with the Senior Pastor in selecting music for regular and special worship services – including weddings, funerals and special projects.

• Coordinate the music program with the organizational calendar and vision of the church.

• Monitor the purchasing, maintenance and replacement of all music-related equipment, supplies and instruments.

• Stay active and current on music methods, materials, promotion, training and administration.

• Prepare an annual music budget for approval and administer the budget.

• Direct congregational singing at all regularly scheduled worship services as needed.

• Cooperate with associational and state leaders in promoting activities of mutual interest.


Qualifications and Aptitudes:

1.     Must embrace Christian discipline and Christian doctrine and theology.

2.     An Associates or bachelor’s degree in a related field is the minimum requirement. Professional Certification in music is desired.

3.     Must have vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement a music ministry within the parameters of the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.

4.     Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills, and computer skills.

5.     Must possess a proven ability to work effectively with youth, diverse individuals, and teams of volunteers.

6.     5 years of experience in the music ministry in an ecumenical area is required.


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